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September 23, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT

[SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Wednesday’s premiere of Survivor: Cambodia—Second Chance.]

Twenty former players were voted back in by fans to compete in Survivor: Cambodia—Second Chance. That number now stands at 19. Vytas Baskauskas was the first player voted out of the game after his Ta Keo tribe lost the immunity challenge and then sent him home in tonight’s premiere.

It was a battle between old school and new school mentalities as Shirin and Spencer were able to flip Jeff Varner over to their side and vote Vytas out instead of Abi, who was the target for the minority alliance of Terry, Woo, Vytas and Kelly Wiglesworth. The contestants were forced to scramble in their decision-making a bit after Probst announced they would be headed straight to Tribal Council from the challenge, leaving no time for open strategy sessions on the beach.

Producers also unleashed another twist, hiding an immunity idol at a challenge for the first time ever. Kelley Wentworth was the beneficiary of that wrinkle when she found a clue back at camp and then boldly retrieved it while her tribe watched Wisgleworth compete in another portion of the contest.

Overall, it was a very strong start to the season, featuring lots of yoga, alliance-making, alliance-breaking, and Stephen Fishbach taking on a small tree limb … and losing. My full recap will be up later, but you can sound off with your premiere thoughts in the comment thread below. And we have another special treat for you. Check out an exclusive video of Jeff Probst reacting to the first Tribal Council at the top of the post, along with our pre-game chat with the now eliminated Vytas. And for more Survivor scoop, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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Monty Brinton/CBS

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