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C. Molly Smith
September 18, 2015 AT 09:15 PM EDT

Warning: Jane the Virgin season 1 finale spoilers ahead…

Jane the Virgin’s season 1 finale truly brought the drama. Jane had her baby, who was promptly kidnapped by the villainous Sin Rostro; Petra got her hands on a recently uncovered sperm sample of Rafael’s, which she’ll seemingly use for no good after discovering that he had been manipulating her; oh, and, Xo and Rogelio got hitched?!

Xo (Andrea Navedo) and Rogelio (Jaime Camil) were in Las Vegas for their show and got married in a drunken stupor with a Cher impersonator officiating. “There’s got to be some focus on that in the first few episodes,” Navedo told Entertainment Weekly at People’s Ones to Watch Party in Los Angeles on Wednesday, speaking to how The CW drama will address the romantic escapade when it returns for its sophomore season. “It’s pretty funny how they handle it.”

The duo, of course, are Jane’s parents and former lovers, and considering their history, one can’t help but wonder if the marriage could actually last. Navedo certainly hopes so. “I don’t know how far that storyline is going to go, but I personally am very invested in Xo and I believe that she does truly love Rogelio and she wants and desires in her entire being to be truly loved back and cherished — and she deserves it.”

As for the kidnapping, we already know that Jane will get baby Mateo back. Navedo teases that that storyline will show Jane stepping into her own as a new mother. “You’re going to see how fierce Jane is as a mom, and it’s a beautiful thing how any mother would step up and do whatever she has to do for her kid. It’s really admirable how they handle the whole situation with the kidnapping.”

Jane the Virgin returns on Monday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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