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Brittany Howard drops surprise album, Thunderbitch

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Christopher Polk/Getty Images

“I just want to rock and roll!” Brittany Howard howls on “I Just Wanna Rock n Roll”, the appropriately-titled third track off the surprise album she released Tuesday, and for 10 tracks she does just that. Thunderbitch by Thunderbitch, which also features members of fellow Nashville-based projects Fly Golden Eagle and Clear Plastic Masks, is blazing, raw, and desperate rock of a very fine degree. (It’s also streaming for free on the band’s website.)

Howard introduced herself in 2012 on Alabama Shakes’ first single “Hold On” and she reintroduced herself in such a way on the group’s sophomore effort, which dropped just four months ago, that EW’s Kyle Anderson called her voice “unforgettable” and a “national treasure” in his review. He also said, “The musicianship is disciplined almost to a fault; a little unbridled rocking out would actually have injected some needed verve into [Sound & Color]’s quieter second half.” Seems like he and Howard are on the same page.

Check out the trailer for Thunderbitch, which features the opening of “Heavenly Feeling.”

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