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AHS: Hotel teasers: What do they mean?

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Ryan Murphy unveiled three uber-creepy new American Horror Story: Hotel teasers on Monday night. And while each are only about 15 seconds long, the new clips do reveal some important imagery. Here are the things fans should take note of: 


One of the recurring images in this season of AHS will be people sewn into the mattresses in rooms at the Hotel Cortez (seen above). The people doing the sewing aren’t exactly expert seamstresses so don’t expect their victims to stay in these bed prisons. Also, don’t expect to ever sleep comfortably in a hotel mattress ever again. 



American Horror Story likes to put a new spin on classic elements of horror. For example, scary children (Village of the Damned, Children of the Corn) are a scary staple. This season, Lady Gaga’s The Countess has a brood of young, blonde bloodsuckers. Says Ryan Murphy, “There’s nothing scarier than a platinum blonde baby running around doing evil deeds.”



The Hotel Cortez was built by mass murderer James March (Evan Peters). This diabolical businessman chose Room 64 at the Cortez for his office. In modern day, that room is not a place guests should ever venture … although many unfortunately do. The sound of slurping through a straw is probably not someone imbibing a slurpee but more likely one of the hotel’s resident bloodsuckers. 

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