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Jimmy Kimmel trolls strangers with confusing question about Donald Trump & Wiz Khalifa

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We’ve seen Jimmy Kimmel troll strangers before. Lie Witness News has proven that people will say anything if a camera is pointed their way.

On Tuesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host targeted strangers to see if they would answer a convoluted, nonsensical question involving Donald Trump building a wall around Wiz Khalifa.

People clearly didn’t know the answer, but it didn’t stop them from trying (or pretending) to know exactly what the question was asking.

“Yeah I support that … yeah that’s cool … he got money he could do that,” one person said.

A few of the interviewees caught on, realizing the absurdity of the Donald Trump/Wiz Khalifa question, but still answered as best they could.

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