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Jeff Goldblum's son Ocean shown in home video on Conan

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“You don’t have notes for a Jeff Goldblum interview. It just says, ‘Say hello’ and then madness ensues,” Conan O’ Brien opened his Monday night interview with Jeff Goldblum.

Goldblum is certainly in the pantheon of top Conan guests, making several eccentric appearances with the host for over two decades.

In his latest interview with O’Brien, the actor didn’t disappoint as he came on to discuss his newborn son, Charlie Ocean Goldblum.

Anytime Goldblum tried to explain something about his son, he would motion his hands towards his face, prompting Conan to ask what he was doing.

Goldblum explained: “I nuzzle him. I smell him. I kiss him. I talk to him. I make jokes with him. I sing to him.”

The actor then showed a home movie of him singing falsetto as his son chews on his nose, a very Goldblum-esque moment.

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