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Secret Wars comes to Future Fight, Spider-Man Unlimited

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Marvel Games

Marvel’s major Secret Wars event has been changing the status quo of Marvel Comics for months, and now, it’s going to change the face of some of Marvel’s games.

Marvel has revealed that Secret Wars characters and storylines will be coming to two of Marvel’s biggest mobile offerings, Future Fight and Spider-Man Unlimited. Both games will see major updates on Aug. 26, and, as Marvel Games’ creative director Bill Rosemann explained, it wasn’t a matter of if Secret Wars could be integrated, but when.

“The question from the Future Fight team wasn’t ‘What’s the least we can do to make [the game include] Secret Wars,’” Rosemann said. “Their question was ‘How many [characters] can we do.’”

That answer is a large list — A-Force members She-Hulk, Singularity, and Sister Grimm will all be introduced to the game. Additionally, Angela, Black Widow, Bullseye, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Groot, Iron Man, Kingpin, Maestro, Spider-Man, and Venom will all receive new Secret Wars-based costumes. The game will also introduce a new tournament event system called “Taskmaster’s Killiseum,” as well as a new icon to reflect the Secret Wars additions.

“Over the last six to seven months, we have just been gathering as much information and as much reference art as possible,” Rosemann said, explaining that Marvel offered the opportunity to its partners to introduce Secret Wars to their games. Netmarble, the studio behind Future Fight, and Gameloft, which makes Spider-Man Unlimited, were the first to jump at the chance.

Marvel Games


“We said, if we’re going to do this, this has to be as great as the comic books,” Rosemann said.

Also on Aug. 26, Gameloft will introduce Secret Wars content to Spider-Man Unlimited, including an update based on the “Spider-island storyline, in which everyone in Manhattan was infected with a spider virus. The update will include an alliance mode, as well as let players control Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Black Cat, Silver Sable, Spider-Woman, and Carlie Cooper in a Manhattan where Spider-Man couldn’t stop the virus.

And in September, Unlimited will receive an update based on the “Renew Your Vows” plotline, letting players control characters like Agent Venom, Madame Web, and even Peter and Mary Jane’s daughter, Annie Parker.

“[Marvel Games and Marvel Publishing’s] goal is to stay in touch with each other and stay in step so we can deliver all of these awesome experiences to Marvel fans all at the same time,” Rosemann said.

Marvel Games


And doing so included giving Secret Wars fans and newcomers a wide swath of beloved characters to play. Many of those include characters and worlds writer Peter David has created or helped craft, including the current Secret Wars 2099 and Future Imperfect stories with characters he created like Maestro.

“I am extremely pleased, I am extremely flattered, I am thrilled that the characters that I have created have so struck Marvel’s fancy and the fancy of our gamemakers that they are quick to embrace them and put them into the game,” David said.

Echoing David’s sentiment, Rosemann explained that the new inclusions are the result of both what the those behind the games wanted to include and what Marvel felt would be best enjoyed by the fans.

“[The updates are an] invitation to new fans to discover what Secret Wars is and it’s also a reward for all the readers who are currently enjoying Secret Wars,” Rosemann said.

Future Fight and Spider-Man Unlimited will be updated on Aug. 26 and are currently available for iOS and Android devices.

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