Ian Goldstein
August 15, 2015 at 01:57 PM EDT

On Friday night, Jimmy Fallon wrote his weekly thank-you notes on The Tonight Show. The host thanked the oddly drawn courtroom sketch of Tom Brady, writing:

“Thank you, courtroom sketch of Tom Brady, for showing us what it would like if Tom Brady deflated himself.”

Fallon also thanked the media for their contradictory coverage of Donald Trump:

“Thank you, the media, for complaining about how much coverage Donald Trump gets in the media.If only there was something you, the media, could do about that.”

Things were going along as usual, but things took a turn when one of Fallon’s puns flopped.

“Thank you fancy gyms, or as I like to call you, James,” Fallon said. There was little laughter. But Fallon’s announcer, Steve Higgins, would not let the silence stand.

“Come on! Don’t make him sit there and look like a fool!” Higgins jokingly yelled. “That’s a great joke! Fancy gym, James.”

Fallon had to calm Higgins down before finishing the sketch, telling Higgins he was overreacting.

“I just get upset once in a while,” Higgins explained before agreeing with Fallon that he should probably “take a chill pill.”

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