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Amy Schumer: HBO special to premiere Oct. 17

‘This is so great, because I love money,’ says Schumer of her ‘Live at the Apollo’ special

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This is Amy Schumer’s year. Though the comedian has long received accolades for her stand-up and for her Comedy Central breakaway hit Inside Amy Schumer, it was this summer’s Trainwreck that truly made her a household name.

Now, she’s finally achieved that which all comedians strive for: A comedy special on HBO.

Check out the very first — NSFW, obviously — tease above for some life hacks courtesy Schumer. Can she interest you in a wine, weed, and Ambien combo? She calls it “tucking [herself] in.” And, in case you were curious, she’s still never done anal. 

Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo debuts Oct. 17 at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.


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