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Jon Stewart provides one last overview of the current 2016 presidential race

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Comedy Central

Closing in on his last night as host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took Tuesday night to focus on the indistinguishable, circus-like atmosphere of the Republican primaries, the relative boredom of the Democratic race, and the importance of gaffes in campaigning in a post-Donald Trump world.

Stewart mocked everyone on Tuesday, including Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders (“For some reason, the media has decided you can’t be a serious candidate if your hair looks like your d— got caught in an electrical socket”), Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

Focusing on gaffes, especially since Biden was known for making off-the-cuff comments during his run in 2008, Stewart kicked it over to Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj, who was stationed (“stationed”) outside Clinton campaign headquarters in Brooklyn.

“[She’s] working around the clock with advisors and speechwriters on blurting out intemperate and ill-considered spontaneous remarks,” Minhaj joked.

Stewart’s final show is set for Thursday.

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