Devan Coggan
August 04, 2015 AT 12:00 PM EDT

How can Aquaman talk to mammals?

In this new clip from The Martian, the crew of the ARES 3 asks this and more as they prepare for their mission to Mars by spending 10 days in isolation. After their 10 days are up, a NASA psychologist interviews them to judge their psychological state, and we learn more about the astronauts who are making the journey to the Red Planet, as Jessica Chastain shuts down sexism, Michael Peña recaps Goodfellas, and Matt Damon ponders the scientific accuracy of Aquaman. 

Damon stars as astronaut Mark Watney, and his crewmates include Peña, Chastain, Aksel Hennie, Sebastian Stan, and Kate Mara. Based on the novel by Andy Weir, Ridley Scott’s film focuses on Watney, who is stranded and left for dead on Mars.

The Martian will hit theaters on Oct. 2.  

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