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Treasure Quest: Snake Island: See what snake venom does to blood

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If you watched any of Discovery Channel’s excellent presentation of this year’s Shark Week (and based on the ratings numbers, you almost certainly did), you probably saw ads for a bonkers new series called Treasure Quest: Snake Island

Last week’s season premiere rode the wave of Shark Week, as it posted a record rating for the network. And rightfully so, as Treasure Quest: Snake Island is a fascinating journey to an obscure island off the coast of Brazil that supposedly houses a fortune in Incan gold. The only thing that stands in between a team of five explorers is a small army of lethal vipers. 

Just how deadly are these snakes? Friday’s episode gets into explicit detail regarding just how crazy this particular expedition is. In the exclusive clip below, the squad gets a brutal and bonkers demonstration that clarifies the effect that the venom of these creatures will have should it enter the bloodstream.

(A fair warning: This clip may not be for the faint of heart, and most certainly not for ophidiophobes. Like the critters themselves, you should approach with caution!) 

That’s terrifying! The fangs alone are enough to send a chill down the spine, but the power of that venom really kicks it up a notch. 

Treasure Quest: Snake Island airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel.