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The Nightly Show: Donald Trump has the black vote, is the 50 Cent of the Republican Party

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Comedy Central

Unlike common sense might dictate, The Nightly Show insists that Donald Trump need not worry about the black vote — he’s got it on lock.

On Wednesday’s episode, Mike Yard explained to Larry Wilmore that Trump has essentially been emulating ’90s and early ’00s hip-hop for years: He “likes gold, he rolls deep, he had his own vodka, he’s got his own cologne, he’s got tons of baby mamas, [and] he’s had court appearances and dealt with bankruptcies.” 

The comparisons don’t end there. Trump’s beef with South Carolina state senator Lindsey Graham — which ended in Trump revealing the senator’s private cell phone number on live television — proves that he’s basically like 50 Cent: “The dude’s got beef with everybody. … All he needs is to get shot nine times and he’s golden.” 

But Trump’s hip-hop ways don’t necessarily alienate him from white voters, either, says Yard: “White people love hip-hop, too, and Republicans love it even more when it’s coming from a white guy! Trump is the Macklemore candidate.”

Watch the rest of the must-watch segment below. 

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