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'Louisa Meets Bear' by Lisa Gornick: EW review

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Louisa Meets Bear

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Lisa Gornick
Sarah Crichton Books

We gave it an A

In this extraordinary novel, Louisa and Bear, both students at Princeton, meet in 1975. Their charged romance sets into motion a series of events that ripples through the lives of the people around them. Gornick has structured her book as interlocking short stories, featuring a cast of characters that includes a pregnant teen, a woman who finds a dead man on her office floor, and a mother who discovers her teenage son in bed with a girl—with each tale containing strands of DNA linking it back to Louisa and Bear. It’s rare to find a novel like this where you become equally emotionally engaged with multiple protagonists spread across multiple story lines. When you reach the final page, you’ll be sad to leave Gornick’s universe behind. A