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Jessica Derschowitz
July 18, 2015 AT 05:48 PM EDT

Donald Trump says he thinks Bill Cosby looks “guilty as hell” in the wake of the numerous sexual assault allegations leveled against the comedian. 

The Republican presidential candidate was asked about Cosby during an interview with 77 WABC in New York that will air Sunday.

“I think he’s guilty as hell. I mean, he’s looking guilty. And that last week’s event was very bad for him where they had the sealed documents unsealed,” Trump said, referring to a 2005 deposition that revealed Cosby obtained Quaaludes with the intent of drugging young women in order to have sex. 

“I’ve never been a fan of Bill Cosby. I’ve never liked him. I’ve known him; I’ve never liked him,” he added. “I think he was a highly overrated guy — both in talent and in many other ways.”

More than three dozen women have accused Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them, though he has never been charged with a crime.

Trump was also asked whether, if he were president, he’d support revoking Cosby’s Presidential Medal of Freedom. (President Barack Obama said at a press conference Wednesday that there’s no precedent for rescinding the award, though he did discuss sexual assault without mentioning Cosby by name.)

“I don’t know if you can take away a medal or not,” he said. “It’s not the most important thing. But I would say, if you can, take it away.”

Trump’s full interview will air Sunday on The Rita Cosby Show on 77 WABC New York

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