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Paul Rudd: Mac & Me clip shown on Conan again

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Whenever Paul Rudd appears on a Conan O’Brien talk show, the host has learned to become cautious. Every time the Ant-Man star has shown up throughout the years, he brings along a clip with him from the “terrible ET rip-off called Mac and Me.”

But with Ant-Man, things are going to be different. Rudd doesn’t want to mess with a big company like Marvel nor does he want to make the fans at home disappointed. So he promised O’Brien a real clip from Ant-Man — and he did bring one … it just happens to have Mac and Me attached to the end.

Watch below as Rudd pulls one over on O’Brien not once, but twice, and for more on Rudd’s lasting legacy with O’Brien, watch a montage of the many times over the years when he’s pulled this prank.


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