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Conan O'Brien's Comic-Con to-do list

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What happens when you combine the comedic powers of Conan O’Brien with Comic-Con? (Comic-Conan?) Finally this question will be answered as Conan O’Brien hosts his TBS late-night show, Conan, in San Diego’s Spreckels Theater this week. While O’Brien briefly appeared at Comic-Con in 2011, this will be his first full experience at the massive pop culture event, and according to his to do-list, he is planning to make the most of it. (Conan staff members, consider yourselves warned.)

• “Binge-watch the last 52 years of Doctor Who.”

• “Help CNN locate Wonder Woman’s invisible plane.”

• “Get everyone dressed as Wolverine into a circle, and on my command, they scratch each other’s backs. Now that you’ve seen it in your head, don’t you want to see it for real?”

• “Take my staff out for dinner, then re-create the Red Wedding murders from Game of Thrones.”

• “Check myself into a local hospital complaining about a ‘radioactive spider bite.'”

• “Dress up as General Zod and then let guys named Neil enter doorways before me, while I shout ‘Neil before Zod!’ I think this will get big laughs every single time, provided I can find enough Neils and doorways.”

• “And finally, pay two Spocks to make out.”

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