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Jon Stewart tackles criticism against Supreme Court marriage equality decision

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Comedy Central

Jon Stewart had a lot to catch up on from over the weekend when returning to The Daily Show on Monday. And he wasted no time in celebrating all the good news… before having to quickly segue into tackling all the criticism against that good news.

Specifically, Stewart took a look at the response deriding the Supreme Court’s decision to declare marriage equality in all 50 states. From Ted Cruz calling the day of the decision “the darkest 24 hours in our nation’s history” to even some of the Supreme Court justices shocked at the power the court exhibited, Stewart was appalled by the response. 

“Justices, senators, your problem isn’t judicial activism, or overreach, or politically correct policing,” Stewart said. “Your problem is bald-faced, out-in-the-open, common sense experience.”

And for Stewart, that point was proven when even Donald Trump conceded that those in favor of marriage equality had a point about the definition of “traditional marriage,” especially in light of Trump being married three times.

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