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Read the first five pages of 'Onyx': an intergalactic knight on a mission to save Earth -- or end it.

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IDW Comics

She’s a knight in shining armor on a galactic crusade against an alien infection that destroyed her home world. Now our planet has been seeded with the same mutating spore, and if she can’t end it – she’ll end us.

That’s the premise for the new IDW comic series Onyx, the first original collaboration between Locke & Key artist Gabriel Rodriguez and Zombies vs. Robots writer Chris Ryall, who previously teamed up on the George Romero-inspired Land of the Dead, the Saxon violence of Beowulf, and The Great and Secret Show, based on the novel by Clive Barker.​

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive five-page preview of Onyx, which hits stores on Wednesday.

The title character arrives on Earth with a tragic backstory in tow: She is apparently the only survivor of the planet Pelimosa, ravaged by this migrating Doom Plague, which infects other life-forms and changes them into bloodthirsty fiends.

As part of her mission, she has been permanently bonded into her armor, which allows her to fly, travel safely through the space, and features assorted energy-based weaponry. With her glowing shields and blades, she’s sci-fi gone medieval.

Although Onyx is a new creation, the influences are clear: A bit of Superman, a dash of Rom: Spaceknight, maybe a little MetroidAs Ryall tells EW: “She’s on a lonely and desperate quest to prevent [the spore] from consuming other worlds. So far, she’s been unsuccessful even as she follows it to its newest destination.” 

As you’ll see in these first pages, Onyx’s mission immediately gets a little less lonely as she rescues and joins forces with a military psychic who is part of a team trying to protect Earth from otherworldly dangers. 

IDW Comics
IDW Comics
IDW Comics
IDW Comics
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