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Ash vs Evil Dead: Exclusive pages from the Necronomicon

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Whatever you do, don’t read it out loud! These seem to be instructions that Bruce Campbell’s Ash ignores repeatedly when in possession of the Necronomicon, the infamous Book of the Dead whose passages unleash terror when recited.

Sure enough, Ash will once again mistakenly awaken an army of evil spirits when the Evil Dead franchise returns with Ash vs Evil Dead this fall on Starz. “This is a guy who thought he could just quietly live a life of quiet desperation and—no,” says Campbell. “He brings it back upon himself and the world, and he of all people must save the world from his own doing. That’s classic Evil Dead. Ash is basically responsible for everything.” Of course he is.

On Wednesday, we treated you to the exclusive very first look at Campbell’s return as Ash, and now we bring you six exclusive pages from the Necronomicon. Pour over these pages below and decipher them at your leisure. Just for the love of all that is good and holy, do not—repeat: DO NOT—read them out loud! Or, if you do, be prepared to chop off your hand and replace it with a chainsaw, for that seems to be the only known method for repelling an incoming horde of deadites. 

Check out the pages below, and for more ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ intel, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.