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Elmo and Jimmy Fallon cook waffles on The Tonight Show

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Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Self-described “horrible cook” Elmo stopped by The Tonight Show on Thursday to teach Jimmy Fallon a few of his favorite recipes—or, more accurately, to let Fallon teach him.

With an assist from Questlove and guest Jason Schwartzman, Fallon and Elmo worked their way through a few of the highlights from new cookbook Sesame Street: Let’s Cook!, though they may have taken a few creative liberties with the ingredients. 

“That was Elmer’s glue, by the way,” Fallon said as he dropped a dollop of waffle batter into an iron that wasn’t plugged in. 

Elmo also helped stir things up. When the topic turned from grilled cheese-and-tomato waffle sandwiches to “Sloppy Oscars” (get it?), the Muppet told his host, “Put some blueberries in there; Elmo doesn’t care!”

Fortunately, Fallon already had some completed sandwiches on hand, sans blueberries. The only thing better than a responsible adult in the kitchen is the magic of television.

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Douglas Gorenstein/NBC