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Samantha Highfill
June 18, 2015 AT 09:39 PM EDT

The season 3 finale of Arrow saw Oliver Queen say goodbye to Starling City as he drove off with Felicity to find, well, happiness. But he didn’t leave his city without hope. Instead, he left it in the very capable hands of Laurel, Diggle, Ray, possibly Nyssa, and even Thea, who has officially inherited the Speedy costume. 

But during a Twitter Q&A, Arrow star Stephen Amell hinted at a potential reason for Oliver’s return to his home. When asked to describe the season 4 premiere in three words, he replied, “What’s wrong Speedy?”

Now, there’s a number of ways to interpret that: Maybe Thea’s just really sad that her brother left and can’t seem to get it together. (She did once have a thing with drugs.) Okay, that’s probably the least likely scenario.

Let’s be real. Odds are Thea is in danger in one of three ways:

  1. Remember that time she was brought back to life by the Lazarus Pit? Well, maybe those side effects are finally coming into play. 
  2. Crazy Malcolm—now the new Ra’s al Ghul—decides he wants Thea to join the League (and doesn’t give her much of a choice).
  3. This is Starling City, so she could easily be in some sort of life-or-death situation that the team can’t seem to save her from, which leads to them calling Ollie. Because if there’s one person he’ll do anything to save, it’s his little sister.

Regardless, if Thea is in trouble of any sort, Oliver won’t be able to stay away. We know that much. So from this one tease, it sounds like we can expect to see Ollie back in Starling when Arrow returns in the fall.

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