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Jon Stewart on Rachel Dolezal: 'Czech, Swedish and German is really f--king white'

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Comedy Central

Jon Stewart’s last episode of The Daily Show is set for Aug. 6, but that doesn’t mean Stewart is out of ideas. On Monday’s show, the host introduced a new segment in honor of former Spokane, Washington NAACP president Rachel Dolezal: “Whaaaaaaat!?”

Last week, Dolezal’s parents came forward to say that their daughter is white, and her heritage is Czech, Swedish and German (with traces of Native American); Dolezal identifies as black, and has for years.

“Czech, Swedish and German is really f–king white,” Stewart joked on Monday. “Even Powder [from the movie Powder] is like, ‘That’s one white lady.'”

In addition to being flummoxed by Dolezal, Stewart also took issue with the media’s coverage of her story, specifically on Fox News. The Daily Show host showed clips from the network, with anchors stating that Dolezal was indicative of a larger problem with liberalism in America.

“You might also ask, if being black is such a sweet deal, why are millions of white people ignoring this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?” Stewart quipped. He later added in a mocking tone that racism was over “all because a German lady got a weave.”

Watch below. Dolezal is expected to speak to NBC on Tuesday.