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American Crime: Regina King to return for season 2

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Van Redin/ABC

Actress and Emmy nominee Regina King will be back for season 2 of American Crime, ABC announced Tuesday.

King played Aliyah Shadeed on the first season of the series, which followed the lives of those involved with a racially charged trial in Modesto, Califorinia

“[Co-executive producer] Michael McDonald and I couldn’t be more excited to have Regina back for season two of American Crime,” series creator and co-executive producer John Ridley said in a statement. “She’s phenomenal in all regards, and is going to be at the center of a story that deals with physicality, sexuality, and societal boundaries with the same urgency as our first season dealt with race and faith.”

American Crime was picked up for its sophomore season early last month, and according to ABC entertainment president Paul Lee, season 2 will be a “total reset.”

“It’s a completely different scenario and a completely different crime, even placed in a different part of America,” Lee revealed last month. “Some of these iconic actors from season 1 of American Crime are going to come back and play different roles.”

Season 1 stars Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton will also return for American Crime‘s second go-around.