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John Oliver: Helen Mirren reads the Senate Intelligence Committee torture report

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On Sunday night’s Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver dove into the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on torture with help from actress Helen Mirren.

Oliver had the Oscar-winning star read some graphic sections from the 500-page summary, which is readily available to the general public. (“You should get a copy, especially if you’re looking for a truly terrible book club pick. This has got to be right up there with a lawnmower repair manual, or Bill Cosby’s memoir, Time Flies,” joked Oliver.) The 15-minute segment also included references to Mel Gibson movies and 24.

“Torture works on ’24’ and in movies because it has to,” Oliver said in the segment. “It’s a dramatic device to move the plot along. But ask terror experts and they’ll tell you it’s one of those movie tropes that has no basis in real life. […] It works because it says it does and we’re supposed to take it.”

Watch the full segment below.