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'Game of Thrones' season finale: Our 5 questions

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Helen Sloan/HBO

Tonight the fifth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones will come to close with an episode called “Mother’s Mercy.” Somehow we’re not expecting much actual mercy to be shown, however. The last two episodes have been an extreme emotional roller coaster and the pace of tonight’s hour is not expected to slow down—at all. Here are our 5 burning spoiler-free questions that we hope to see resolved tonight:

1. Will Sansa escape? Sansa has been trapped in the clutches of Ramsay Bolton for most of the season, with Theon/Reek not helping matters. Will she get that candle in the window? Will Brienne finally stop waiting around in the snow and come to her rescue. And why is Sansa looking so shocked in that above finale photo? Must take a lot to surprise her at this point… 

2. Where in the world is Daenerys Targaryen? Last we saw the Breaker of Chains, she was flying off on Drogon’s back. Will we even see Dany again this hour at all, given the show’s increasing propensity for leaving characters out of certain episodes entirely? We could be left hanging until next year.  

3. Will Stannis defeat Ramsay (or vice versa)? After last week’s horrifying sacrifcial BBQ, Stannis will presumably have magically leveled up in his force powers, or something, which he’ll use to break Ramsay’s forces at Winterfell. Or will he? 

4. What’s going to happen to Cersei? Despite having a crucial arc this season, Cersei was entirely absent from last week’s episode. So you know she’s probably going to have some major action tonight. Trapped in a cell by the Faith Militant, Cersei doesn’t have many options. 

5. Who will die? It’s the finale. At least one character, even if it’s just a minor name, usually perishes. Ser Meryn, certainly, seems like he has a date with Arya’s wrath. Book-readers have their theories, but the Thrones showrunners have been deviating from George R.R. Martin’s novels all season, and you can bet the finale will include at least one surprise. 

Bonus: Oh, and what’s going to happen with Jaime, Bronn, Arya, Jon, Sam, Tyrion, Ser Jorah, etc. etc. etc.? And what ever happened to Varys, anyway?  

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