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Band of Horses will appear in Veep season 4 finale on Sunday

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As President Meyer and her staff pray that they’re not further implicated by congressional probing, they still have a re-election campaign to finish off. At least Selina’s crew will have the soothing tunes of Band of Horses to ease any possible pain.

The band’s frontman, Ben Bridwell, told Billboard the group would appear on Veep‘s season 4 finale on Sunday. Here’s it how it went down: Bridwell’s friends with a few Veep staff members, and they needed a band. Easy. But Bridwell hadn’t even watched the HBO comedy hit before. 

“To be honest I had never seen the show, but that’s just because I don’t see a lot of shows. I was very much coming into it blind,” he said. “I spent the day before kind of cramming, and watching episode after episode—from the beginning. I think I watched the whole damn [series], up to the new one being filmed. I became a fan instantly, it’s f—ing hilarious. I’ve been watching this season as a dedicated follower of the show—until this week, I might have to avoid it. We’ll see.”

Bridwell shared that he has “like one line” in the show. The easy bet is a barb at Jonah’s expense, because The Cloud Botherer is a hard target to not aim at.

Veep‘s season 4 finale airs Sunday at 10:30 p.m. ET on HBO.