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Disney's Zootopia is nothing like you've ever seen be-fur

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There may be no humans in the world of Zootopia, but one thing is clear: it’s going to be “like nothing you’ve seen be-fur.” The first trailer for the anthropomorphic animal film from Tangled‘s Byron Howard and Wreck-It Ralph‘s Rich Moore cleverly introduces us to the fictional metropolis PSA-style, reminding us that in Zootopia, there’s nothing you can’t do. Animals of all kinds exist together in general harmony, use technology, and live their day-to-day life the same way humans would. 

But some animals in the wild don’t get along for a reason, and the trailer introduces the acrimony between fox Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) and rabbit Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin)—as well as a little hint as to why even though they’re clearly enemies, their differences might come in handy down the line. 

Zootopia hits theaters March 4.