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BBC's Teletubbies reboot picked up by Nickelodeon

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The Teletubbies reboot now has its American home (sorry, parents). DHX Media, a Canadian media company, announced Thursday that Nickelodeon picked up network and on-demand rights to air new episodes on Nick Jr. next year.

CBeebies, a BBC-owned network target at children, announced last year that 60 new 12-minute episodes would be in the works of the iconic kids show that ended its first run in 2001. Its original run lasted four years and 365 episodes, which Nickelodeon also nabbed the rights for Noggin, a new subscription service targeted for preschoolers.

For those who have never seen an episode, prepare to have Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po enter your life and never haunt you with their high-pitched noises and enduring Chucky-like smiles.