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Homer and Marge Simpson divorce? Bart weighs in on those breakup rumors

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The Simpsons generated a flurry of online speculation this weekend after executive producer Al Jean revealed that Marge and Homer would legally separate at the start of next season. Rumors flew that the couple would be breaking up for good, because season 27 is already out to strip you of everything you love—as Jean told EW, Bart will also die (…in a non-canon “Treehouse of Horror” episode) next year. Nothing is safe.

No one took the breakup rumors harder than Marge and Homer’s son. (Impending death is stressful enough as it is.) On Wednesday, The Simpsons‘ official Twitter account posted an image of Bart’s official response. Is it denial, or is he onto something?

The Simpsons have technically been divorced before—for 12 whole seasons, in fact—and everything ended up working out. In January, Jean talked to EW about the upcoming storyline, which will see Homer fall for a pharmacist voiced by Lena Dunham: “We wanted to take a serious look at what it would really be like to be Mrs. Homer Simpson… For those who are sick of marriage crisis episodes, it goes in a completely different direction than any before.”

If that still doesn’t assuage your fears, the show’s official account followed up with one more optimistic tweet.

Maybe romance isn’t dead after all