June 10, 2015 at 01:11 PM EDT

If you’re going to invite Betty White to your talk show, you’d better be willing to repaint the walls.

Not really, but you had better be ready for a few hidden cameras, as James Corden discovered this week. The day before her visit to The Late Late Show, White called the host directly to make a few requests.

“Betty was pranking me, and I had no idea!” Corden explains.

Her demands start with a lighting change and escalate to include yellow M&Ms, singing on the show, and a dressing room as far away from the brown color scheme as possible.

“Cream is just brown milked down!” White says on the phone.

Corden rolls with the punches, and even after learning that it’s a prank, he still manages to meet one of her requests. Now that’s hospitality. 


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