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Jimmy Kimmel makes NBA players read even more Mean Tweets

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With the NBA finals underway (congrats on a dramatic Game 1, Warriors!), Jimmy Kimmel brought back his “Mean Tweets” series, asking NBA players and announcers to read 140-characters-and-under insults for a third time.

As usual, some readers looked perturbed, while others laugh off the mean tweets. (Draymond Green took a line saying he looked like “Donkey from Shrek” particularly well.) A brave few had comebacks—including Jeremy Lin, who also shot back in the last “Mean Tweets: NBA Edition.” Stephen Curry, however, caught himself mid-comeback. To a tweeter telling him via hashtag to replace his “girly” name by changing it to Steve, Curry replied, “Steve’s a terrible name—oh shit, that’s my coach’s name.” You hear that, Steve Kerr?