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99 Homes trailer: Michael Shannon has a dark vision of America

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The real-estate meltdown that shook Wall Street and Main Street in 2008 was caused by rampant greed, and even after the economy teetered towards the brink of collapse, there were vultures still preying on the weak in order to make a fortune. In 99 Homes, Michael Shannon plays one of those sharks, a man who personifies the most cynical version of the American Dream. “America doesn’t bail out the losers,” Shannon’s real-estate broker says in the new trailer. “American was built by bailing out winners… by rigging a nation, of the winners, by the winners, for the winners.”

Andrew Garfield plays one of the losers, evicted from his home, along with his mother and son. But perhaps there’s way for him to keep his house after all; all he needs to do is switch teams and learn the tricks of the trade from the dark lord himself. No use going down with a sinking ship, after all. “Only one in a hundred’s going to get on that ark, son,” says Shannon. “Every other poor soul’s going to drown.”

Directed by Ramin Bahrani (Man Push Cart), 99 Homes opens Sept. 25.