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Honest fall TV titles: What 15 shows should be called

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In the interest of clarity, the major broadcast networks have taken the highly unusual step of re-naming their fall shows with titles that are more honest and clear. Below is the just-released list.

See if you can match each name with the previous title announced during the upfronts last month—and let’s all thank network executives for being so considerate. (Well, not really. But it would be nice if these were real). 

1. American Horror Story Lite: The College Years 

2. The Girl with the Confusing Tattoos

3. Jane Lynch Annoys Intentionally 

4. Heroes: Let’s Just Forget the Last 3 Seasons (Or Last 4 “Volumes,” If You Actually Kept Track of the Show That Way)  

5. Childhood Puppets Made Vaguely Sexy  

6. Just Like Grey’s Anatomy, With That Woman From Grey’s Anatomy, But Not Grey’s Anatomy

7. When Kara Met Jimmy (Previously titled: The Superhero Wears Prada

8. A Hospital to Avoid 

9. Neil Patrick Harris Does Whatever He Wants

10. Drugs Are Awesome (Previously titled: All the Bradley Cooper We Could Afford

11. Person of Interest: Las Vegas

12. Person of Interest: Year 2064   

13. People Really Are Talking (Just Not In a Good Way) 

14. How to Get Away with Terrorism 

15. The CW’s Only New Fall Show

Key: 1. Scream Queens. 2. Blindspot. 3. Angel from Hell. 4. Heroes Reborn. 5. The Muppets. 6. Heartbreaker. 7. Supergirl. 8. Code Black. 9. Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris 10. Limitless. 11. The Player. 12. Minority Report. 13. People Are Talking. 14. Quantico. 15. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. 

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