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Who wants to have a sleepover in Conan O'Brien's studio?

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You’ve slept in a thousand different places. Your bed. You-know-who’s bed. In line for a concert. The gutter.

But have you ever tucked yourself into the rafters of a TV studio? You have not. Luckily, that chance is now yours, thanks to Conan O’Brien.

An Airbnb contest is affording one lucky fan and a guest the chance to sleep in the tippy-top part of the comedian’s Burbank studio, bask in VIP access to a taping of Conan, and even banter with O’Brien during a show. What are the amenities offered? None, except for free parking. (Retail value of this package? $400.) You can’t get something for nothing, though—so to win this prize, you’ll have to write a 550-characters-or-less essay on why you would want to subject yourself to this activity. 

Here’s the official description of the space: “Are you a fan of rafters built in 1927? Do you admire the kind of craftsmanship that only existed for a brief moment between the two World Wars? Then this contest is for you. Look down from the very rafters that kept a watchful eye on the filming of such classics as Mildred Pierce, The Big Sleep, and The Karate Kid Part II. And if you’re a Conan fan, all the better. Look down from the very rafters that kept a watchful eye on the filming of such classics as episode #173, episode #445, and episode #637. But be prepared – Conan will talk to you during a real show. So viewers will see you that night on their TVs, and millennials will see you the next day on their infernal devices. Warning: Contestants who are allergic to wood or wood products should not enter this contest.”

The contest runs until June 1 at midnight CT. For more information on how to have either the coolest or most uncomfortable night of your life, click here