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Amy Schumer in Babies & Bustiers pageant segment: watch now

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Comedy Central

Inside Amy Schumer has been on a roll so far this season—remember this and this and this?—and Tuesday night’s episode keeps the momentum going with “Babies & Bustiers,” which takes Toddlers & Tiaras and gives it a decidedly Amy Schumer twist.

“It’s honestly something I’ve been trying to make happen for three years. I wrote this sketch the first season,” says Schumer. “It just seemed like it would be such a pain in the ass to shoot—the sets, the production, the children. But then this turned into the year we’re just living all our dreams, so I was like, let’s do it.”

The two-part sketch features Schumer as Amy Merryweather Sherman, who is competing in the “Little Miss Hot as Balls” pageant in Narnia Springs, Indiana. Of course, Amy isn’t like all the other little girls: she is suffering from Fetal Red Bull Syndrome, which means she’s aging at five times the normal rate. (This makes things, um, happen that you wouldn’t expect at a children’s pageant.) Adding to the mix is Jennifer Coolidge as Amy’s proud yet demanding stage mother. Schumer says that having Coolidge, who is a friend, on set was a dream come true. “There is no one who is better at this stuff than her,” says Schumer.  “Watch the outtakes at the end of the episode—Jennifer kept improvising things about snakes, and it murdered me.” 

The character of Amy Merryweather Sherman—the name has evolved over time—is one that Schumer has been doing to amuse her family for the last decade. “That voice? It’s at the ready for me—a little too at the ready,” she says with a laugh. 

Working with the small children on set was a new experience. “I talk to children like they are adults,” says Schumer. “I think it really throws them off. I don’t know what they thought the deal was or what their parents explained to them about what was happening in the sketch. We did take them out of the room when my boob pops out.” 

Could there be a better setup? Watch one part of the “Babies and Bustiers (the second part of the sketch will air during the episode) exclusively above.

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