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Crimson Peak trailer: Guillermo del Toro unveils a new look at his house of horrors

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Crimson Peak
Kerry Hayes

Guillermo del Toro offered a new glimpse inside his elaborate Gothic fantasia Crimson Peak with a new trailer that plays up the blood red of the movie’s title.

Arriving in theaters Oct. 16, Crimson Peak stars Mia Wasikowska as young Edith Cushing, a budding novelist who falls for a handsome man (Tom Hiddleston) with a haunted past and a possibly malevolent sister (Jessica Chastain). Soon, Edith finds herself taking up residence in a mansion where, it seems safe to say, evil also dwells. (Charlie Hunnam, who played a heroic pilot in Del Toro’s Pacific Rim, also stars as Dr. Alan McMichael, a character with his own affection for Edith.)

Del Toro, who co-wrote the film with Matthew Robbins and Lucinda Coxon, has described Crimson Peak as a movie that comes very close to a living painting—he constructed a crumbling, mult-level manse with a working elevator on a Toronto soundstage for the shoot—also promising fans a “perverse” period ghost story for adults, one that earns its R-rating. The new trailer certainly delivers on those points, and more.

Crimson Peak has found early favor with some important horror tastemakers, too. Stephen King took to Twitter in March to praise the movie following an advance screening—the landmark author described the film as “gorgeous and just f—ing terrifying.”  With endorsements like that, we can’t wait.

Crimson Peak
Kerry Hayes