Helen Sloan/HBO
EW Staff
May 11, 2015 at 06:29 PM EDT

There are more wedding bells coming up on Game of Thrones than just Ramsay and Sansa’s. Daenerys very subtly popped the question to Hizdahr zo Loraq in “Kill the Boy”—but how exactly did he react to that? Especially since she seemed ready to feed him to one of her dragons moments before?

Hosts Adam Rady, Alison Haislip and Xavier Brinkman discuss the scenes they wished we got the chance to see more of (including Hizdahr’s reaction to that unusual proposal) in this clip from WinterIsComing.net‘s “Winter Is Coming Live.” The full recap is available here, and check back at EW.com every Monday for the latest “Winter Is Coming Live” content, airing all season long. 

Helen Sloan/HBO


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