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Jennifer Maas
May 11, 2015 AT 08:48 PM EDT

On Monday, Kenan Thompson shut down rumors that he would exit Saturday Night Live at the end of this season. During an interview with Marc Maron on WTF, Thompson told Maron that he’ll return for a 13th season in the fall, news that a representative for NBC confirmed to EW.

Last year, TMZ reported that Thompson’s exit was eminent, but an NBC spokesperson told EW that the report was “inaccurate as the season hasn’t even started and cast decisions aren’t made until the end of the season.”

Speaking to Maron, Thompson said that initial report has been hard to dodge.

“Well they said that at the beginning [of the season] for some reason,” Thompson said on the podcast. “People I guess thought they had some info and just threw that story out. And we denied it immediately, but the only thing people remember is [that someone said I was leaving].”

Thompson joined the show back in 2003 and is the longest-tenured black cast member in the history of SNL. He’s also the most senior member of the show’s current cast.

Listen to Thompson’s full interview with Maron here.

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