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Andy Milonakis on his MTV show's reboot, rap career, and comedy heroes

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Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

With remakes of Full House, Wet Hot American Summer and Coach expected to hit the small screen this year, Andy Milonakis is getting in on the trend with a reboot of his 2005 MTV show. He also happens to be giving fans exactly what they want.

“I do have a lot of hardcore fans,” Milonakis tells EW. “My show hasn’t been on the air for so, so long, but I still have tons of comments saying ‘Bring the show back, bring the show back, bring the show back.'”

Since The Andy Milonakis Show ended in 2006, its star has taken his comedy to social media, bringing Milonakis’s antics to a new group of fans. “When I was doing a lot of Vine, I had a lot of 13 year olds come up to me and they’re like, ‘You’re the Vine guy!'” Milonakis says. “They have no idea about MTV.”

He expects that the younger crowd and fans of The Andy Milonakis Show alike will enjoy Milonakis 2.0, a web show on Endemol Beyond USA‘s Smasher channel, set to debut later this year. The series will include shorter videos of comedy sketches, person-on-the-street interactions, and music videos, accompanied by brief introductions.

Like the original version, Milonakis 2.0 will feature special guests such as YouTubers and Vine stars, but Milonakis mainly wants to bring on “everyday people,” such as taxi drivers.

“I want to stick to my roots and stick to real people that I find,” Milonakis says. “I had an Uber driver the other day who was rapping to me. I got his number, and I want to incorporate him.”

Between his regular use of YouTube, Vine, Periscope and Twitter (“I haven’t gotten bored of Twitter; there’s always something stupid and silly to write”), 39-year-old Milonakis has clearly grown with the times. But what exactly has he been doing for the last decade?

First of all, he never stopped making funny online videos. Milonakis also dove into music, releasing an album in 2012 with his comedy hip-hop group Three Loco, and teaming up with Chief Keef to drop a mixtape in March 2015. The comedian/rapper lent his voice to the Adventure Time character N.E.P.T.R., and will voice the main character on Disney XD’s upcoming series Future-Worm, a story about a boy with a time machine lunchbox.

While he still wants to rap, Milonakis says his focus will be on “hardcore, weird oddball comedy.” “I think the rap stuff has always been kind of like my side-chick,” Milonakis says. “I think I’ll continue to do that, but I want to put as much time as possible into the comedy thing. But I’m an insomniac, I’ll have time for everything.”

Milonakis’s passion for oddball comedy comes from legendary funnymen like Adam Sandler and Tom Greene, as well as early Saturday Night Live cast members such as John Belushi.

“I don’t see as much of it anymore,” Milonakis says of the old-school brand of comedy he tries to emulate. “I know a lot of comedy these days is making fun of pop culture and that’s the big thing to do, and it makes sense why that gets popular, but I want to continue to do really original oddball comedy and hopefully really grow it.”

And while he recognizes the cliché, Milonakis really feels fortunate to have his fans’ support. “It’s easy for people in entertainment to say ‘I love my fans.’ It’s such a generic thing to say,” he says, “But I’m lucky enough to have some diehard fans who will be really happy that I’m doing [the show] again.”