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Mariah Carey makes Frito pie in Funny or Die video, and it looks terrible

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Mariah Carey sings “Boy, you actin’ so corny like Fritos,” in her song “Infinity,” and the singer gave a little (fake) background on the line in a Funny or Die video that features Carey and Funny or Die writer Bryan Safi hosting a cooking show.

“I had an Italian lover named Frito years ago,” she explains. “Frito stole my car. So he was kind of a jerk.” She tells this story all while wearing surgical gloves and putting together her version of a Frito pie, which appears to consist of Fritos, olive oil, lettuce… and M&Ms (for those who aren’t familiar, this is what a real Frito pie looks like).

The steps for making this dish include “wear a diamond ring”—Mariah’s is in the shape of a butterfly, of course—and “feed your celebrity friend”—in this case, director Brett Ratner. Watch the whole tutorial below.

Carey’s Mariah Carey #1 to Infinity, a greatest hits collection, comes out May 18.