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Bones preview: 'They could be executing an innocent man'

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Jordin Althaus/FOX

Since returning from its midseason hiatus, the 10th season of Bones has not wasted any time, welcoming everyone back with pregnancy drama, addiction relapses, serial killers, and terminally ill family members—not to mention millions of dollars.

This Thursday starting at 8 p.m., an all-new, two-hour episode juggles more than a few of those plotlines. In particular, the second hour picks up just two days before one of the team’s latest arrests is scheduled to be executed. We’ve broken down the latest developments on the show by character—and for the really dedicated, we’ve added a list of relevant episodes to brush up on.

Cam had to say goodbye to boyfriend Arastoo when he left for Iran, risking arrest to return home and care for his sick brother. At the same time, she led the rest of the team (including new guy Aubrey) in the investigation of a series of ritualistic murders. They arrested ex-con Alex Rockwell, who worked at a bakery that offers a second chance to men just out of prison, for the crimes—but as the preview clip shows, Brennan has her doubts that they’ve got the right man.

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Booth has had a rough year. He was shot. He spent three months in jail as part an FBI conspiracy. He watched Sweets die with a son on the way. But it was good news—Booth and Brennan are having another baby—that ultimately sent the recovering gambling addict back to the poker table (“for a case”). He’s got everyone convinced that he walked away, but he’s still betting on the side.

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Brennan is having another baby. But it seems like everyone picked up on her weight gainand blamed it on cookies? Rude, everyonebefore she finally got around to taking that pregnancy test.

WATCH: Season 7’s “The Memories in the Shallow Grave”

Hodgins lost his family fortune to serial killer/ aspiring Batman villain Christopher Pelant a few years ago. But after inventing a “honeycomb-structured ultra rubber covering” for his beakers, he’s back to being embarrassingly rich again. It’s a good thing Hodgins loves his job so much that he’d probably pay someone for the privilege to look at bugs all day.

WATCH: Season 10’s “The Big Beef at the Royal Diner”

Angela doesn’t need a paycheck anymoreand she’s not as devoted to this job as her husband is. Time to dust off those dreams of a life not spent looking at dead bodies?

WATCH: Season 1’s “The Boy in the Bush”

Check out this preview clip from the two-hour episode:

Jordin Althaus/FOX