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'Big Bang Theory' finale: Is someone going to break up?

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Monty Brinton/CBS

It may sound surprising for a comedy to go out with a cliffhanger, but that’s exactly what The Big Bang Theory is planning to do on Thursday night. In fact, there will be several threads left dangling when the CBS series signs off for its eighth season—and we have Sheldon (Jim Parsons) to blame. Find out what’s in store from executive producer Steve Molaro:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The season finale is very couple-centric. What can you tease?

STEVE MOLARO: In the finale, Sheldon is poking at them on why they haven’t set a date yet, and things really come to a head. Amy is really pushing back hard against Sheldon. This is hard to believe, but the finale is also the fifth anniversary of the meeting of Sheldon and Amy. So five years later, as much as they’ve moved forward, you’ve got to wonder how far it’s gone. He’s feeling a lot of pressure about the speed at which things are moving forward for him and Amy, and just wants to know why he’s getting all this grief in life—when if Leonard and Penny are the ideal example of moving forward, they’ve been engaged for over a year and don’t even have a date yet. In asking the same question that a lot of people who know them are asking, it starts to cause them to ask it themselves.

Is this a case where they have to decide to go all in or end it for good?

It’s getting to be that situation for all four of them.

Should we be worried about some breakups in the finale?

A lot of stuff goes down, and some big, life-changing decisions are made.

Will Wolowitz and Bernadette broach the topic of having children again?

In the finale, there’s a loose theme of relationships, and where is everything going. Between Bernadette and Wolowitz, the more immediate and bigger question of where is everything going is, how much longer are we going to live in this house with Stuart? I suppose it might mean he’s going to have to live in the back of his comic book store again, but those same thoughts [are] also touching on Koothrappali and Emily. Everyone is confronting all of those issues at the same time.

Like whether Raj and Emily are going to move in together?

Or stay together at all. I think her affinity for dark things is starting to make him feel uncomfortable, and he’s questioning how good a fit they are as a couple. This is coming from a guy who has never broken up with a girl in his life, let alone a pretty one who is sleeping with him. This is a lot for him to be processing and facing.

The show has been predicated on Sheldon and Leonard living together and Penny living across the hall. The last time the conversation about moving came up, Sheldon got on a train and ran away. Is there a future in which we see some moves?

No decisions have been made, but there was a baby step this season where Sheldon was allowed to start wrapping his head around that possibility with Penny and Leonard officially living together one night a week. That’s him dipping his toe in that water, but we’re always open to everything here.

How does this finale compare to previous years?

It seems to really shake some things up, and I think it’s unexpected and really exciting.

Are you going to have a cliffhanger?

Yes, perhaps more than one.

The Big Bang Theory’s season finale airs Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.