Comedy Central
May 01, 2015 at 12:28 PM EDT

How do you say goodbye to Samantha Bee, the longest-tenured Daily Show correspondent ever? If you’re Jon Stewart, you give her a farewell worthy of six minutes and a lot of clips.

On Wednesday night’s show, Stewart took viewers through a history of Bee’s 12 years with The Daily Show, talking about how she joined the news team (“you look in all your usual places…your liquor stores, your methadone clinics”) before launching into a montage that featured some of Bee’s best moments, including her interviews from the 2004 Republican National Convention (“Have you had your picture taken with a black person yet?”) and her coverage of Sarah Palin. Afterwards, Stewart brought a visibly emotional Bee out on stage for a rousing round of applause.

Before the show, Bee previewed her farewell on Twitter, sharing her feelings with her trademark wit.

Bee is heading to TBS to work on a Daily Show-esque program that she will host and executive produce, as well as a scripted series she’s developing with her husband, fellow former TDS correspondent Jason Jones—who got his own celebratory Daily Show goodbye back in March.

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