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Stream Phoebe Bridgers and Daniel Clarke's new releases

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Ryan Adams’ label Pax-Am continued its 7-Inch Series Tuesday with four more releases—Adams’ own new EP, I Do Not Feel Like Being Good, Phoebe Bridgers’ Killer, Daniel Clarke’s Diamonds, and Mike Viola’s Stairway to Paradise. EW is premiering Bridgers’ and Clarke’s exclusively below. 

On Bridgers, via a release: “Bridgers is—in Adams’ words—a ‘musical unicorn’ who ‘could make a jar of sand sound like ‘Blood on the Tracks.'” The jar and sand bit can’t be confirmed, but it takes only a quick listen for the unicorn bit to catch. Happy but heartbreaking, Bridgers’ world-weary vocal rests easy at heart center. 

Her Adams-produced 7-inch also includes tracks “Georgia” and “Steamroller.” 

Clarke, keyboardist for Ryan Adams & The Shining, recorded his EP remotely—laying down all instrumentals himself. Adams describes it as “an R&B world inside a television playing a dream inside your feverish mind.” And while that may make you think, “Really, Ryan?” give it a listen. It may not be the description you come up with (because, really, Ryan?), but you’ll come up with something good nonetheless. 

Clarke’s 7-inch also includes the tracks “Guided (By What We Have)” and “Rollin’ Out.” 

Bridgers, Clarke, and Viola will host a free performance at Grimey’s record store in Nashville today (April 28) to celebrate the release. Adams is currently on tour with his backing band The Shining in support of his latest, self-titled release, a full list of those dates is on his website