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Dr. Phil on Bruce Jenner's transition: 'He's kind of past [his] prime'

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Ahead of Diane Sawyer’s interview with Bruce Jenner regarding the former Olympian’s alleged gender transition, Jimmy Kimmel was curious what would happen if someone else had been tapped for the job. So on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the late night host asked Dr. Phil if he was disappointed that Jenner didn’t choose him to conduct the interview. 

“I would just say ‘Look, if it’s what you want to do, do it,'” Phil said. “What the hell does it matter what anybody else thinks?”

In addition to thinking the interview wouldn’t last long, Phil also believes Jenner may be “kind of past prime” to make the transition. “You’re almost 80—what’s the point?” Phil said of the gold medalist. (Jenner is actually 65.)

Sawyer’s interview with Jenner airs April 24 on ABC.