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'Game of Thrones': Hannah Murray tells 'Time' about her 'baby,' Castle Black

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Hannah Murray’s Game of Thrones character Gilly has had quite the journey throughout the series. From life beyond the wall at Craster’s Keep to helping out the Night’s Watch, life hasn’t always been easy for the young mother. But thankfully, the actress doesn’t have to worry too much about the baby actually crying during filming; sometimes it’s not even a real baby. (Sound familiar, American Sniper?)

“I don’t even have the same baby in one scene, it can be multiple babies,” Murray told Time. “I think they can only be on set for 10 or 20 minutes and then they have to have a break, they can do maybe three hours in total. We only use the babies in certain shots. I also have a prosthetic baby, which has been the same all the way through.”

Beyond caring for her sometimes-fake baby, Murray’s character’s relationship with Sam (John Bradley) is an important part of her storyline. (Their interactions are some of the show’s most gentle.) And while Murray’s character is sequestered in far-off Castle Black, she doesn’t get the chance to catch up with GoT fan favorites like Tyrion or Daenerys—but she’d like to. 

“Before season 4, they came up with that scene between Gilly and Ygritte, and Dan said, ‘You’re gonna have a scene with someone you never expected.’ And I said, ‘You say that, but I know it’s not going to be Peter [Dinklage] or Emilia [Clarke], it’s gonna be someone Northern.’ But getting to that scene was a great experience because I don’t get to work with other women very much,” Murray said. “I have a couple of scenes this year with another female character—but I think this show is so great for women and I would love to do more stuff.”

To read more of Murray’s interview, including how she spoiled parts of the show for her former Skins co-star Nicholas Hoult and prefers Castle Black to life beyond the wall, head on over to Time