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'Inside Amy Schumer': Our 5 favorite sketches

The series is constantly LOL clever, so how can you pick the top moments? Don’t worry: We did it for you.

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Comedy Central

Inside Amy Schumer returns to Comedy Central on April 21. Are you ready? If not, prepare by taking a look at our five favorite sketches the show has aired so far. If so… you know what? Just watch these sketches anyway. They’re that good. 


Sexting! Such a fun part of modern romance. Schumer—sporting a cat t-shirt and eating pasta on the sofa—envisions typing what she really wants a man to do for her. For example? “Tell me I’m safe in my apartment.”


Ever notice how hard it is for woment to accept a simple compliment? This sketch—one of the show’s first to become a viral hit—takes the idea to such an extreme that the women all end up killing themselves. (In a funny way! You’ll see.)


Imagine a world where God takes the form of a white-clad, gay Paul Giamatti. Now imagine Amy bargaining to get him to take away her STD. Favorite line: “I really need to stop making so many white girls.” 


Here’s a sketch that perfectly exemplifies how Schumer mixes real-life issues with comedy: When Amy plays this Call of Duty-like videogame with her boyfriend, she picks the avatar of a female soldier. She’s horrified when her player is raped by a fellow soldier. Does she wish to report it? Yes, she clicks. “Are you sure?” the game presses on, before burying her avatar in paperwork and attacking her personal character in Washington. “Obviously, you did something wrong,” her boyfriend tells her. 



Even a casual viewer of any Aaron Sorkin show wil recognize this pitch-perfect send-up. Josh Charles guest stars as the manager of a fast-food chain who passionately defends his old-fashioned ways, even in the face of pressure to offer healthy options. “What’s nexxt? No more chicken beaks in ‘The Everything’?”