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'The Originals': Joseph Morgan previews Klaus' best episode ever

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The CW

Klaus Mikaelson has come a long way since his days spent killing Jenna and forcing Stefan to become the Ripper. Not only does he have more family members than ever before, but he’s also a father. But let’s not call him sensitive just yet.

When fans took to social media to ponder Klaus’ recent lack of violence, Originals star Joseph Morgan responded, promising that Klaus’s time being “sensitive” won’t last forever. But when we chatted with him, Morgan didn’t seem to feel that Klaus had ever been “sensitive.”

“I’ve always felt like we’re just seeing more of him. We’re seeing him interact with more people and interact with them differently. He’s starting to care about certain people, especially his child, so that’s a whole other spectrum of emotions that have been released. But he still has returns to form,” Morgan said. “When Klaus first came to Mystic Falls, he cared about no one and nothing. He had nothing to lose, so therefore he had no weaknesses. As things have progessed, he’s started to care for more people, and the family has gotten bigger. And then other people have been introduced. So there are weaknesses starting to show there, and vulnerabilities.”

As for baby Hope, Morgan said the child “has fundamentally changed [Klaus], because that’s a new experience—he never had that in the last 1,000 years. So I think there is something there, but I don’t think necessarily the change has made him more sensitive. If anything, he’s on a hair-trigger now and he’s consistently assessing for threats—maybe even more paranoid than he was before, because now he genuinely has something to lose.”

What’s next for Klaus and company? Check out what else Morgan had to say:

Get ready for Klaus’s best episode ever. Referring back to his message to fans, Morgan said, “My tweet was also partially because I was so excited after an episode towards the end of the season where the whole episode is [Klaus] just doing these terrible things. You really feel like, ‘Wait a minute, has he just reverted back?’ He’s all out. Nobody is his friend that day. It’s really, really brutal,” he said.

Morgan added, “In fact, [Daniel] Gillies—after the read-through, he said, ‘I think this is the best episode for Klaus ever written.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, it kind of is.’ I do enjoy playing the villainous side to him, and I really, really have a chance to, toward the end of the season.”

The battle with Eva is really going to get to Marcel. Obviously, Marcel is invested in the battle between Eva and Rebekah because he loves Rebekah, but there’s more to it than that. “As we know, Marcel has a thing about kids, and really from the beginning has been a champion of, ‘Whatever you do, you do not hurt children,'” Morgan said. “I think that makes it personal for all of us, but certainly I would say more so for Marcel. That pushes his buttons. And in fact, we find out more about how exactly she’s using these children and what’s going on.” 

Could Klaus and Freya team up? “I’d like there to be a world where they could team up,” Morgan said. “They’re both a little bit ruthless. They both are not afraid to do something terrible in the moment if it serves the greater good of their plan, and I think they would be a formidable force together. Also, it would be nice if Klaus were to become protective over Freya in the way that he is over Rebekah or vice versa—if she became protective over him so suddenly he has this big sister looking out for him. That’s an interesting dynamic we haven’t explored.” 

Is Freya the female Klaus? “I’ve noticed on social media some people have been describing [Freya] as a sort of female version of Klaus in some ways. And I wouldn’t disagree with that,” Morgan said. “I think there’s a lot of qualities that are similar there, and perhaps that’s why they have this instant mistrust of each other. I think that gets to him.”

However, Rebekah’s current situation is going to force Klaus to trust his older sister. “Let’s just say it moves their relationship along,” Morgan said. “I don’t know if he’s more willing to trust her, or if he comes out of it feeling like, “No I was right about her.” But there’s movement there, and towards the end of the season as well.”

Or is Dahlia the female Klaus? We know that Dahlia is coming to town in the April 13 episode, and according to Morgan, Klaus will see a bit of himself in her. “There are a lot of similarities there,” he said. “The more we learn about Dahlia, the more we’ll realize that, and that does raise some interesting questions for Klaus as far as where loyalties should be placed. They’re definitely of the same blood. They are. He has always felt misunderstood, and we’re going to learn more about Dahlia and Esther’s past. And that’s going to kind of inform us as to their characters, especially Dahlia’s character.”

The Originals airs tonight at 8 p.m. on The CW.