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Exclusive sneak peak: Charlie Puth's new track, 'I Won't Tell A Soul'

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Elisabeth Caren

Charlie Puth, the 23-year-old piano balladeer du jour, released the cheeky video for his duet with Meghan Trainor, “Marvin Gaye,” earlier this week. Now he returns with a new song, filmed during rehearsals: “I Won’t Tell A Soul.”

Puth says the song “was written in my head while I was driving down Mulholland. I was seeing this girl for a couple weeks, and I left her house after she admitted to me that she had been cheating on her boyfriend with me. It really devastated me knowing that she was going behind his back. So the song was written from the girl’s perspective. ‘Baby tonight, there’s so much, love in between us but you say, that you gotta get home. Stay here with me, I won’t tell a soul.’ That is what the girl said to me.” 

It makes good on what Puth told us when EW caught up with the singer at the Furious 7 premiere concert, nudging for any details about his forthcoming EP. “A lot of music about girls.” he said, grabbing our reporter’s recorder and moving it closer. “Lots of music about girls…I don’t know about any release date yet. But I just finished it; it’s being mixed.”

Stream “I Won’t Tell A Soul” below.